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Innovation in order to grow

We believe that the capability to innovate is the key to success in the long-term, helping us to identify the most important corporate responsibility issues. We are also convinced that innovative processes are triggered by engagement and dialogue with external and internal stakeholders.

The macroeconomic environment presents to us continuous challenges, in addition to significant trends that are changing the industry, while representing at the same time opportunities for the traditional insurance business, such as:

  • the spread of Internet and the digital communication,
  • new contact channels,
  • the development of related technologies (smart home ecosystem, micro-computer sensors and "wearable" smartwatch, autonomous vehicles driving without driver),
  • the possible entry of new players in the insurance market,
  • the tightening of the legislative requirements (Solvency II, the European Directive on insurance distribution, the European Regulation on protection of personal data).


These are major challenges that allow us to explore new areas, by stimulating us to work differently and to find innovative solutions to meet customer expectations and their changed buying habits and interaction ways.

Our innovation path is closely related to the strategy that we have adopted and is based on three main approaches:

Crowd sourcing innovation

To ensure we are always ready to manage new challenges and transform them into opportunities, we are committed to developing initiatives targeted at the outside world to identify new ideas and projects that allow us to meet and fulfil the needs of our clients.

Incubation and collaboration with start-ups

We keep a constant eye on new businesses in order to identify start-ups with which we can collaborate or in which we can invest.

Innovation through partnerships

Promoting partnerships with global organisations enables us to devise innovative solutions, exploring sectors different from our own so we can respond to the new requirements deriving from the changes.