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The great revolution of Impressionism

A ground-breaking exhibition in Treviso to discover its roots, its protagonists, its heritage in 2016

The great revolution of Impressionism, investigated throughout over a century of history searching for its roots, its protagonists, its decline and the heritage.

These themes are going to be depicted at the the ground-breaking exhibition  “History of Impressionism. The great protagonists from Monet to Renoir, Van Gogh to Gauguin” conceived by Linea d’ombra.

At the heart of this major tableau helded in Santa Giulia Museum, Treviso (Italy) there will be 120 paintings and works from all over the world divided in nine thematic chapters, like the chapters of a great novel, to discover the history of the movement.

The exhibition will explore the highly-lighted and colorful style of the movement, born around the 1860 in Paris and whose popularity is always on and never ceases to arouse admiration. The appointment is settled for 29 October 2016 when the exhibition, sponsored by Generali, will open, until 17 April 2017.