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    Historical Archive of INA Assitalia


    HOLDINGS - Ceramic plaques for buildings constructed under the INA-Casa program (1950s)

    The Historical Archive of INA is managed by an internal team of specialized archivists and covers a timespan of a hundred years, namely from 1912 (Company’s foundation) to 2013.
    The INA archive comprises all documents produced by the Company’s top management and governing bodies as both a public and a private company, together with the papers created by various internal departments.
    Among these latter collections, the following are particularly worthy of note:

    • The INA-Housing Fonds (1947-1963), consisting of the papers of the INA-Housing plan, the most extensive public intervention in building construction in Italy;
    • The Colonies Fonds (1930-1969), pertaining to INA’s building activities in the territories of former Italian colonies;
    • The Historical Real Estate Fonds (1912-1992), the collection most frequently consulted by architects and researchers at national and international level, as it is the largest documentary source covering all building construction work since the Company’s foundation. In many cases, the administrative and technical papers are unique documents by the most famous Italian architects;
    HOLDINGS - Francesco Segaloni, Priorista fiorentino [The Florentine Prior] (ca 1600), first page
    • The Combatants’ Insurance Policies Fonds (1917-1960), comprising INA’s documentation with relation to the management of combatants’ policies on behalf of the Italian State;
    • The Strozzi Fonds, an organic collection of all the documents once stored at Palazzo Strozzi in Florence, including letters as well as illuminated manuscripts and parchments from the 16th and 17th centuries.

    In its Fiftieth Anniversary Fonds, the Archive also has a large collection of material created to mark the Company’s 50th anniversary and open to new donations; in addition to policies, tariff lists, billboards, advertising postcards and publications, the collection includes medals and relics of different kinds.

    HOLDINGS - First policy issued by INA on January 10, 1913, taken out by Francesco Saverio Nitti
    HOLDINGS - Advertising poster (1960)
    HOLDINGS - Advertising brochure introducing Il giuoco del piccolo previdente [The game of the provident child] (1933)

    As for Assitalia, the Archive houses the minutes of the governing bodies of Assitalia-Le Assicurazioni d’Italia. The papers of the internal departments from 1923 to 2006 are currently being acquired and catalogued. The Archive also holds documents of associated companies, such as Fiume, Terra, Fiumeter and Praevidentia.
    The INA Assitalia Historical Archive is also accessible online, on the SIUSA website of the Italian archival authorities network.


    In brief


    • 60,000 items, for a total of approximately 6 linear kilometers of shelving;
    • 200,000 digitized documents;
    • 20 fonds.



    Upon appointment, Mondays through Thursdays from 9.00 to 13.00 / 14.30 to 16.30, on Fridays from 9.00 to 12.00.


    A reading room, a cloakroom, pc work stations and archive search tools. Guided visits to the Archive may be organized upon appointment.



    All collections may be freely accessed in accordance with current Italian laws, except as otherwise provided by the Archive staff, and are available to both internal and external researchers within the confines of the Archive location. Photographic reproductions—also with personal equipment—and publication of Archive documents are allowed subject to authorization.



    Archivio Storico INA Assitalia
    Via Leonida Bissolati, 23
    I-00187 Roma
    T: + 39 06 47224317
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