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          Sustainable investment solutions

          Generali is developing a distinctive range of products looking at responsible consumers that wish to make a positive impact on the environment and society also through sustainable investment solutions.

          Sustainability creates value in Generali Italia investment insurance offer

          In 2019 Generali Italia expanded its last-generation investment insurance offer with GeneraSviluppo Sostenibile. The first investment insurance solution based on the UN’s 2030 sustainable development goals, thanks to which it is possible to produce positive and measurable impacts on communities and the environment in line with your own values, identifying the ROI opportunities offered by businesses committed to sustainable development. In fact, it is possible to choose from five themed investment portfolios, also selecting more than one:

          • GENERALI CONSUMO RESPONSABILE: invests in businesses that implement a circular economy that respects natural resources in line with the protection of the sea and the land;
          • GENERALI CRESCITA SOSTENIBILE: invests in businesses that promote “smart cities”, notable for their technological development and respect for the environment and the workforce with the aim of improving the quality of life of citizens;
          • GENERALI PARI OPPORTUNITÀ: invests in businesses that protect minors and pursue equal opportunity and gender equality policies, promoting fair professional growth;
          • GENERALI SALUTE E BENESSERE: invests in businesses that operate in the field of healthcare, natural and healthy eating and products and services that promote active and healthy lifestyles;
          • GENERALI TUTELA DEL CLIMA: invests in renewable energies and businesses that implement environmental policies in order to protect natural resources.

          The SDGs in the investment portfolios of Banca Generali Private customers

          The Generali Group’s commitment to the spread of sustainable savings can also be seen in its initiatives dedicated to Italian private customers. In fact, in February 2019 Banca Generali presented a project that brings together the 17 SDGs of the UN 2030 Agenda in customer portfolios through a proprietary platform unlike any other on the market.

          Developed with the contribution of MainStreet Partners - a London-based sustainable investments advisor - the project saw Banca Generali integrate its portfolio development platform (BG Personal Portfolio) with a quantitative method for accurately measuring the degree to which environmental, social support and governance issues are efficient and solid in companies.

          The entire investable universe open to Banca Generali customers was analysed through an in-depth screening of sustainability levels and relative management teams. The real element of innovation was the measurement of concrete results in terms of social, environmental and governance impact.
          Banca Generali also associated ambitious economic objectives with this project, proposing to convert at least 10% of its total assets under management into sustainable assets by 2021.