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    Insurance for Companies and Global Business Lines

    Every company, regardless of size or production type, needs to properly manage the uncertainty and risks of business activities, which involve a continual series of assumptions about the future.

    Insurance for Companies and Global Business Lines

    On the one hand, there is the "business risk", i.e. uncertainty about whether the business will achieve the hoped for success with consumers, although this is not an insurable risk. On the other, there are the risks of uncertain and potentially damaging events that can also affect private individuals, albeit on a different scale and often of a quite different nature. Consider, for example, multinational companies with various plants across several countries, or even continents.

    Sometimes there are specific commercial and industrial risks. The numerous typical risk scenarios include: the destruction of production facilities, the loss of transported goods, the non-recovery of acquired receivables, air and sea transport risks, and risks relating to the construction of major civil works. The risks to persons include accidents at work or while travelling, and pension and healthcare plans for employees and their families.

    Developing suitable loss prevention strategies together with the company risk manager often requires complex and highly specialised studies. Similar complexity is involved in managing accidents, which can be classified as catastrophes.

    To meet the corporate sector's complex and diverse needs, the Generali Group has developed an insurance offering platform unique to the market. Global Business Lines provide access to integrated insurance and assistance solutions to cover the business risks regarding employees and assets linked to property and people, comprising four units: Generali Global Corporate & Commercial, Generali Employee Benefits, Generali Global Health, and Europ Assistance.

    Generali Global Corporate & Commercial is the Generali Group unit that develops the Property & Casualty business and insurance services for mid to large size businesses. It offers complete insurance solutions to clients and brokers in over 160 countries through nine main offices in Europe, Asia and the Americas.  With a global network of more than 1000 dedicated professionals and more than 100 risk control engineers, Generali Global Corporate & Commercial has an integrated insurance solutions offering from property and casualty to engineering, marine, aviation and specialty risks.


    Generali Employee Benefits (GEB) is one of the largest networks in the world offering insurance coverage to employees of multinationals, including those posted abroad. Headquartered in Brussels and operating in over 100 countries, directly or through servicing agreements, the GEB Network has an integrated insurance solutions offering that covers life, accident, disability, sickness and pension plans. All of which can be combined in efficient international pool arrangements (a system for sharing the multinational programme results between insurer and client) or captive arrangements (a system for larger and more complex companies that manages the programme along with the client's captive structure). The coordination centre is in Brussels.

    Generali Global Health is the Generali division that specialises in health insurance solutions and TPA services for globally mobile people and international businesses. Their clients are SME and global multinational employers, as well as globally mobile or expatriate individuals who don’t want to be restricted to their country of nationality or residence to  access wellness solutions and the best possible treatment when they need it. Generali Global Health is headquartered in London, with commercial, technical and operations divisions. Generali Global Health Services, the internal service and TPA infrastructure, based out of Toronto, Canada, manages the Generali worldwide network of over 700,000 hospitals and doctors, plus all case management operations, with 24/7 multilingual customer service and in-house multi-currency claims processing. With commercial presence in Dubai, Spain, London, and Hong Kong, Generali Global Health is a truly worldwide business.

    Europ Assistance is a worldwide group specialised in customer care, particularly in the travel industry where it is a pioneer and a world leader, as well as in the health and home & family sectors. It aims to guarantee 24/7 assistance anywhere in the world that is technologically advanced, personalised and sustainable. Headquartered in Paris and present in over 200 countries, through its own facilities and cooperation agreements, it has 300 million retail customers and more than 5,000 corporate clients, providing services to employees and clients.