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    Voluntary work is an incredibly engaging and rewarding activity and a popular initiative that has a significant impact on the welfare system. Corporate volunteering, i.e. the opportunity to carry out work for non-profit organisations during working hours, can offer a modern way to build communities and foster shared experiences.

    In 2016:

    3,672 hours of corporate volunteering
    617 employees involved in corporate volunteering

    Our staff take part in three main types of volunteering activity:

    • skills-based volunteering. Employees offer their expertise to different bodies and groups, from non-profit organisations to schools of every kind for children of all ages.
    • relationship-based volunteering. Group staff host recreational activities for elderly people, or assistance and care for the sick, or in other areas centred around interpersonal relationships.
    • Hands-on volunteering. We perform various activities in this area, such as cleaning, gardening and renovations.

    Even in countries where this kind of activity is not yet available through a structured project, our people have launched their own initiatives to raise funds, collect donations of goods and carry out various types of volunteer work; in some cases these have been spontaneous initiatives, while in others they have been sponsored by the companies concerned.

    Following the launch of The Human Safety Net in 2017, we will dramatically boost volunteering of all types among employees and agents worldwide.

    Generali Schools

    In 2016, the winning project of Volunteering Challenging Ideas, the contest dedicated to all Generali Group employees and involving 216 colleagues from 24 countries, was developed in Spain.

    The winning idea called Generali Schools aimed at supporting the education of disadvantaged children, both financially and in terms of social integration.

    Carried out in partnership with the NGO Mayas, the project consisted of two different initiatives:

    • Generali Meal Benefits, which provides financial help to families who are not able to pay for school meals for their children; 48 children benefited freely of the school canteen
    • Generali Private Lessons, which aims to improve the basic reading and writing skills of primary school students with learning difficulties. 300 children took part in the reading and writing sessions run by teachers, Mayas tutors and 12 employees from Generali.