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People’s health is very important to us: it is one of the essential parts of our business activities and a major area of social intervention. We are committed to raising awareness and providing education on the issues of sustainability, ageing populations, disease prevention and addiction, maternal and neonatal health, and the adoption of healthy lifestyles, including amateur sports initiatives.
We support medical research, with a particular focus on degenerative illnesses. In terms of safety, we also focus on projects to improve road safety.


Given the current period of severe economic crisis, we want to make a contribution to promoting social integration and inclusion by supporting initiatives for youth rehabilitation and for the insertion – or reinsertion – of individuals into social and working environments. We also believe that financial education programmes are of fundamental importance in providing basic knowledge on key topics that are often not covered in the regular school curriculum.

Caring for tomorrow

We are committed to preserving our artistic, cultural and environmental heritage, firm in the belief that we must take care of the beauty we are surrounded by today, in order to be able to enjoy it tomorrow.


For us, corporate volunteering is an important way to make a positive impact across the board, not only in local communities, but also for employees and the company as a whole.