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    Action areas

    The group has established common guidelines for the allocation of funds; provided they abide by these, individual companies have the freedom to decide for themselves how they operate. In some cases, employees are involved in the selection of organisations that will benefit from the financial support available. 

     As well as priority areas and themes, the criteria used in the selection of initiatives to be supported also take into account the social value of the proposed initiative, as well as the integrity of the organisations behind it. When the initiative has been completed, we assess to what degree the funds have been effectively and properly used. 

    This process is also designed to give some continuity of support for those organisations that have demonstrated their ability to make good use of the funding received.

    We have identified three areas for priority action, which are also closely linked to the success of the business:

    • Health and safety:
      • activities to raise awareness and educate people on health, the goal of which is to promote 'active ageing' among the population, to prevent illnesses and addiction, and to foster maternal and neonatal health, as well as encouraging individuals to adopt a healthy lifestyle. We also support amateur sporting initiatives, in particular those focused on children and young people, because we believe that sport is an excellent way to promote the benefits of a healthy and responsible lifestyle;
      • initiatives regarding education/raising awareness, and projects for improving road safety (signs, road surfaces, lighting, etc.), as well as activities in support of people involved in accidents.
    • Socio-economic inclusion:
      • initiatives designed to promote employment and integration, placing or reintegrating people into social and working environments, as well as rehabilitating young people, both at school and in the workplace;
      • initiatives to promote diversity through the development of personal skills, aimed at groups of individuals of different genders, races and disabilities;
      • projects for the social integration of disadvantaged groups (the poor, immigrants, disabled people, etc.) in schools and workplaces, and in sporting and cultural spheres;
      • education programmes focused on themes relating to finance and insurance, introducing people to important everyday issues.
    • Culture and environment:
      • initiatives relating to climate change;
      • initiatives designed to preserve our artistic and cultural heritage.
    • Emergency interventions:
      • in case of catastrophic events such as floods and earthquakes, we act as insurers, by setting up dedicated channels and preferential procedures for the claims settlement, and we also provide financial and material help to the populations affected.