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    Satisfying clients

    In line with our strategy, we seek leadership in Europe in the retail sector and we aim to pursue excellence in all countries where we operate, creating long-term value for our stakeholders.

    We are committed to:

    • listening to our clients, in order to develop insurance solutions that enable them to reduce risks and engage in responsible behavior
    • ensuring access to our products and services through an innovative, multichannel approach
    • protecting our clients by acting in a timely and appropriate manner in the event of a claim.


    In 2015 we launched the T-NPS Group Program. The programme consists of a systematic method for listening to clients and responding to their feedback, allowing us on the one hand to improve their satisfaction and loyalty, while on the other to transfer a customer centricity culture within the Group. T-NPS is currently active in 26 business units and covers roughly 90% of our client base.

    We implemented several response actions against over 560 thousand feedbacks. Some particularly critical clients were called directly, to better understand the reasons for their dissatisfaction, while in other cases we organized interdepartmental work groups.

    Overall the following were identified:

    • 256 quick wins, which allowed us to improve the understanding of insurance clauses by grouping information into one summary page and making a welcome call for new clients
    • 175 structural improvements, including the introduction of automatic updates on the status of dossiers via SMS, app and portals.
    Satisfying clients

    The solutions for improvement that we introduced have already given important results and have enabled us to improve client satisfaction. 

    SERBIA: Clarity in communication towards clients 
    The terms and conditions of insurance contracts were too long and difficult to understand for clients, who also complained that the font size used was too small. A team made up of the legal, marketing, product development, actuary and communication departments worked to simplify the texts, managing to reduce them from 14 to 7 pages and at the same time to increase the clarity of information. The new conditions were tested successfully by submitting them to a group of secondary school pupils.

    SWITZERLAND: Response time to clients
    In order to improve the response time to clients’ requests, a cross-functional team defined and implemented a number of changes, including the reduction in document printing time and a faster mail service.
    The online information service was also strengthened, through which clients.