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          Responsible investment funds

          To meet growing demand from clients and the international market, for several years we have also offered investment products that meet SRI (Socially Responsible Investment) criteria.

          We have developed a proprietary approach to selecting socially responsible investments, involving for each company:

          • the analysis of 34 social, environmental and governance (ESG) criteria, reviewed and updated annually and each assigned a score;
          • the mapping of non-financial risks that may impact the company share price (for example, reputational risk and damage to brand image, class actions, legislative pressure, competitive advantage, intangible assets and carbon footprint) and the way these issues are addressed by company policies;
          • the comparison of previous analysis results with the benchmark SRI universe, comprising more than 200 European companies, leading to the selection of the most ethical businesses according to a "best effort" rule;
          • integration of financial aspects for the final selection of the companies identified.

          A team of six expert analysts, assisted by a technical committee, then selects shares from leading companies on corporate social responsibility and sustainable development.
          All companies analysed periodically receive the findings of our analysis, with the aim to discuss and highlight areas for improvement.

          This approach has led to the creation of an internal database known as the Sustainability Analysis of Responsible Assets (SARA), enabling us to set up a number of dedicated SRI funds.

          In particular, thanks to the application of a strict and transparent sustainability strategy in the investment process, the SRI Ageing Population fund has received important international recognition such as the Novethic SRI Label in France and the FNG Label from the Forum for responsible investment in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

          As of December 2019, the method for selecting socially responsible investments is applied to 35.5 billion euro of assets under management.