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          Commitment to the climate

          The COP21 in Paris outlined the need for the active involvement of the private sector in order to respect global climate change commitments, particularly with regards to limiting the increase of the temperature and the transition towards alternative energies to coal and fossil fuels.

          Our commitment lies in defining a strategy that is structured on the following pillars:

          • Investing: increasing investment in green sectors by 4.5 billion euros
          • Divesting: disposing of equity investments and gradually eliminating bond investments with reference to the current exposure to the coal sector, amounting to approximately 2 billion euros and not making any new investments in businesses associated with the coal sector
          • Engaging: promoting dialogue and involvement of issuers, clients and other stakeholders monitoring their plans to reduce the environmental impacts, to the planned measures of protection of the community and citizens, to the strategy to transition to activities with low environmental impact

          The carbon footprint analysis for all of the Group’s financial assets together with the calculation of the CO2 emissions associated with every company in our portfolios represent the basis for our strategy.

          In accordance with the provisions of the French Law on Energy Transition for Green Growth (Article 173), and in compliance with the recommendations of the Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD), Generali conducted a series of in-depth analyses to measure the climate risk underlying its investments and those made on behalf of its clients.

          The analysis covered the portfolios of the Group's insurance companies, totaling € 257 billion.

          We took part in the following working groups on green finance:

          • UNEP FI Principles for Sustainable Insurance (PSI) work group on the implementation of the TCFD Recommendations by insurers
          • Investor Leadership Network, promoted as part of the G7 Investor Global Initiatives, in which we also dig deep into the topic of climate change with the main financial sector operators.
          • Italian National Dialogue on Sustainable Development, sponsored by UNEP and the Italian Ministry of Environment, for the preparation of the paper Financing the future on mitigation and adaptation to climate change through insurance and investment activities.
          • Disclosure, Measurement, Management and Mitigation of Climate Change Risk for Companies, a research and dissemination project promoted by the Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei, which aims to stimulate a public debate, scientifically founded, on the risks associated with climate change for Italian companies.


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