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          Shareholder engagement

          Shareholder engagement

          A total of 3.9% of our share capital is held by socially responsible institutional investors, who make investment decisions using strict criteria that combine financial considerations with environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) factors.

          One of our key strengths is our dialogue with the financial community, which is based on more extensive interaction with investors, financial analysts and rating agencies through meetings, industry conferences and roadshows. As well as the regular financial communications produced to coincide with the publication of the quarterly results, also in 2016 there were moments of dialogue in the world’s main financial centres. In particular, an Investor Day was organised in London, dedicated to the Group strategy.

          We maintain ongoing relationships with analysts, investors and rating agencies focused on sustainability issues, mainly through calls, video conferences and requests to complete questionnaires. We respond to numerous requests from specialist ESG analysts regarding group governance and social and environmental policies and performance, working towards our inclusion in various sustainability indexes. We also manage requests from SRI investors to assess whether we satisfy their socially responsible investment criteria. Finally, we maintain relationships with international NGOs that assess companies in the financial and insurance sectors for information campaigns on responsible business management.