Health and safety bus

In Hungary:

  •  since 2011 the Generali health bus visits a number of cities on a yearly basis, offering medical check-ups. The check-up is carried out by a general practitioner inside the bus and includes eye tests, skin tests to check for any melanomas, body composition analysis and blood tests, with special attention to cholesterol and blood glucose levels. A booklet is given to everyone with the test results and any advice by the GP. As a result of this programme, many cases of serious illness have been identified especially involving the cardiovascular system and cases of melanomas; in these cases, the patients were invited to contact a specialist.
  • since 2013 we have been supporting the Safety Bus project targeted to local primary schoolchildren. The aim is to raise their awareness of road safety and the perception of common domestic accidents. The initiative is promoted by United Way Hungary with the aim of decreasing the number of accidents and preventing high-risk situations at the earliest stage of life. The programme is managed by well-trained teachers and based on an interactive learning process focusing on improving cooperation among children with practical exercises, team work and drama pedagogy.