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          Edward - European day without a road death

          On 21 September, Generali supported the EDWARD - European Day Without a Road Death event, promoted by the European Commission and aimed at obtaining a European day without road victims. EDWARD was part of the European Mobility Week which was held from 16 to 22 September 2016 to foster new patterns of mobility and innovative strategies to create a sustainable transport system in Europe.

          Generali organises specific events on road safety in various countries, often in cooperation with local police forces and institutions.



          Potholes project: the project was conceived in 2011 and involves road monitoring by drivers who are encouraged to report any potholes to the regional governments and road maintenance services through an app and website. Thanks to this project, over 2,700 potholes have been repaired up to today, equal to an estimated saving in claims of over € 1.1 million.


          Alcohol locks: in order to guarantee the safety of pupils travelling from home to school and back again, the project – in cooperation with the European Transport Safety Council – consists of locking the buses used for transport with locks that are opened only after the driver has passed the breathalyser tests connected to them.


          De-icing Asphalt: the project was carried out together with the department of chemistry and biological engineering of Koç University and TUPRAS (Energy Company) and consists of a scientific study aimed at cutting down insurance price by reducing road accidents caused by snow and sudden ice formation. Solutions are also sought to reduce the use of salt on roads the cost of which has a significant impact on the country’s economy, with the aim to use the money saved for the maintenance and repair of roads.