Earthquake in Italy

In 2016, Italy was hit by a number of earthquakes that devastated some of its central regions, highlighting once again how vulnerable the country is when these events take place.

In response to this tragedy, the Group immediately took action on multiple fronts, firstly by suspending, extending and deferring the payment of the premium instalments of clients affected by the earthquake, and also by cancelling redemption penalties. Furthermore, the protocol “Qui per Voi” (Here with You) was set up, specifically dedicated to catastrophic events, and a toll free number was provided for information and claims reporting.

The Group and its employees also contributed directly by donating money both during the emergency phase and for reconstruction purposes. The sum donated by Assicurazioni Generali (€ 250,000) and the Generali Foundation (€ 250,000) was used for rebuilding the affected areas and places of worship. The amount raised by employees, amounting to € 250,000, was used for emergency operations coordinated by the Italian Red Cross and for the family of one of our employees who died because of the earthquake.