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    We innovate for our clients

    Our strategy, aimed at the creation of long-term value, is also implemented through the use of innovative technologies in every phase and area of the insurance sector.

    The Internet of Things is transforming various industries and sectors and creating new business models.

    Through simple and smart solutions, developed thanks to digitalised media and tailored to the needs of the client, we want to change the very nature of life insurance, involving retail and corporate clients in prevention drives to encourage them to improve their state of health and well-being, creating individual value and value for society as a whole.

    The advantages of the global Vitality programme, developed in partnership with South African company Discovery Ltd, are provided by numerous partners from different sectors (dietary,fitness etc.). In Germany, those who take out term life or professional disability coverage can access an optional associated programme that encourages people to act responsibly and make healthier choices. The programme is open to all new clients, regardless of their state of health, who can decide what information to provide to record their progress in relation to their individual goals.

    The programme consists of three phases: first, clients receive the digitised support to be worn, allowing them to better understand their health conditions, then tips and suggestions are provided to them to improve their lifestyle, lastly in the third phase clients can access the various awards/benefits and recognitions related to the results obtained with the programme.

    We innovate for our clients

    For years we have been an insurance industry leader in the area of telematics, with over 1.3 million policies that use various technology tools, such as Mobile Apps or Black Boxes, to encourage the adoption of responsible driving behaviour to help reduce accidents, and to collect useful information that can be used to provide products and services that are increasingly tailored to the needs of customers.

    Recently, the first connected home policies have been launched, important innovations in the domestic risk insurance sector. The new products guarantee:

    • protection
    • active assistance
    • the reimbursement of damages.

    This is a quite significant paradigm shift in which the needs of the customer are anticipated and insurance solutions are based on prevention and active assistance also in policies to protect the family and the home.

    In Germany, in association with its partner Devolo, CosmosDirekt has launched a solution that combines coverage for damage to the home with the installation of smart devices that are able to protect it thanks to an anti-intrusion kit and remote monitoring via an app connected to the meinCosmosDirekt portal.
    Following the success of the initiative the collaboration has continued in 2017 and Generali Versicherung has made GeneralPlus-Protection available to its clients, a modular solution that also includes sensors that detect water leaks in the pipes that serve the home.
    The use of smart solutions therefore enables us to protect the client before any damage occurs as part of a process focused on prevention and the creation of value both at individual level and for the entire community.

    In January 2017 a partnership agreement was established with Nest Labs, a Google-Alphabet group company and creator of the smart home, to develop a unique solution dedicated to home insurance policy clients. Via Nest Protect, a smoke and carbon monoxide detector, Generali clients will be able to reduce the risks for their family and home thanks to an alert received on their smatphone.