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Innovation as a driver of change in the relations with clients

We are developing a series of innovative insurance products leveraging on connectivity (Internet of Things), that range from motor insurance to home or health insurance, to ensure a simpler and smarter customer experience.

Such products are based on advanced telematics services aimed at reducing risk through prevention and raising clients’ awareness of their responsible behaviour and attention to the environment.

The new series of telematics products impact on our business activity as insurers as well as on our clients and the civil society, and include several benefits, such as:

  • reducing the cost of insurance for clients who adopt safe driving practices
  • increasing the probability of recovering stolen vehicles
  • providing fast assistance on the scene of accidents and accurately reconstructing the dynamics of accidents for a fairer claims settlement
  • speeding up the claims payment
  • providing tools for monitoring houses as to prevent risks and improve the quality of domestic life
  • promoting virtuous driving styles aiming at reducing traffic and, as a consequence, fuel consumption as well as greenhouse gas emissions.

Home, smart home

In 2015 we launched the first Internet of Things project in the Spanish home insurance market. Europ Assistance included a product for smart homes in its offer.

WeHome enables clients to monitor their homes remotely thanks to a series of smartphone-based services. When you are out, thanks to a special app it is possible to check that doors and windows are shut, to set the heating thermostat (not just to contain costs but also to reduce greenhouse gas emissions), and to check energy consumption and lighting (thanks to a device that also enables you to avoid electrical overloads). In addition, the policy also covers early return from holidays, safety measures in the event of serious damage to the property, and a 24/7 emergency service with expert professionals.