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          Listening to and satisfying clients

          In line with our strategy, we strive to be the European leader in the retail sector and to pursue excellence in all countries where we operate, creating long-term value for our customers.

          Listening to and satisfying clients

          “We are revolutionising the way we interact with our customers, connecting them with agents and the company through the most recent technologies”

          Isabelle Conner, Group Chief Marketing & Customer Officer

          In 2015 we launched the T-NPS Group Program which, based on the Net Promoter Score (NPS) methodology, makes it possible to receive real time feedback from customers and to improve services on the basis of the problems identified. The programme is active in 54 business units and covers 90% of our customer base. We have sent over 7 million questionnaires obtaining a high rate of response globally, showing the strong desire of our customers to actively participate. We have therefore called over 164,000 customers that have declared themselves to be dissatisfied and have organised interdepartmental work groups to implement effective responses, identifying areas of improvement.

          The Generali T-NPS Group Program was recognised by Medallia - a leading management, consultancy and software company in the Customer Experience sphere - as one of the most successful and wide-reaching NPS programmes in the world, contributing to making Generali an increasingly customer-centric company that is able to provide simpler and smarter solutions.

          Listening to and satisfying clients

          Overall, the following were identified:

          • Over 350 quick wins which allowed us, for example, to improve the understanding of insurance clauses by summarising them on a single page and to introduce a welcome call for new customers.
          • Over 250 structural improvements, including the introduction of automatic updates on the status of dossiers via SMS, app and portals.