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          We innovate for our people

          We work in an increasingly integrated and across-the-board manner in order to exploit our wide array of expertise, one of the Group’s most important assets.

          To guarantee continuous upgrading knowledge and self-learning, in Italy, the new Learning System – including the Online Library that has 2200 digital training contents – is updating professional and technical capabilities of the employees. This tool fosters cross-sectional skills among interconnected job families. Furthermore part of this is dedicated to Intercultural Approach. To facilitate the fruition of the Learning System has been implemented the Generali Learning Platform: a web tool to find all the info relative to courses, calendar and indicators.

          In some countries we have implemented smart working practices based on connectivity and flexibility. We are creating an inclusive and open environment where everyone can contribute and make difference, emphasizing personal independence, responsibility and trust.

          On 26 and 27 November 2018, Generali Country Italia (Generali, Alleanza, Genertel and Genertellife) has organized Hack4strategy that set three pillars:

          • Develop new ideas and innovative visions
          • Improve contextual elements and trends
          • Engage colleagues of Country Italy in the transformation in progress

          120 participants selected for their digital competences, open minded and strategic thinking developed different ideas. Some ideas was awarded as winners but others need a special mention: Towards an omni-channel model Yoda (Your Own Device Assistant), a service tool to make the customer experience the "accident" as an omni-channel caring experience; Generali per Tutti, the project aims to generate low-cost leads starting from the request of a specialist in the area. Customer obsession, the ICO index aimed at an orientation to anticipate customer's needs since these are the basic strategy of Generali; Integrated partnerships and ecosystems, such as ProTetto which consists of a business continuity plan for landlords who rely on the online short-rent community; Save the Mobility which provides an opportunity for a traveller who is habitual or occasional in case of an unexpected event to use an alternative means of reaching their destination. A.I., Automation and people, new skills and ways of working - BE SOC.I.A.L through the use of Artificial intelligence to investigate what is published online by customers; and IN TIME FOR YOU, the project uses an AI for automated alert, prevention and/or limitation deriving from atmospheric damage.

          Generali France has launched a new Chatbot to improve digital agencies: Letizia will answer simple questions about motor and property claims from tied agents. It allows to re-focus employees’ activity on added-value tasks.