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          Group Performance Management

          We strive to provide each of our people the opportunity to dialogue with their managers on individual performances, in light of predefined targets, and to be regularly assessed in a fair and transparent manner. We support the development and commitment of those who work for us to encourage higher levels of performance and to foster a culture of feedback, in support of the Group strategy.

          Group Performance Management is a global process that was launched in 2016 to promote the engagement and empowerment of Generali Group employees in the implementation of the business strategy and in strengthening transparency and meritocracy.

          In 2019, 99% of our people participated in a programme involving: defining objectives, assessing performance, feedback and individual development plans.

          In our People Strategy - GPeople 2021, Performance Management continues to be a key priority to sustain our Business Strategy and foster a meritocratic and transparent feedback culture. Indeed, the Group Performance Management is still a crucial process to engage our employees towards achieving great performance results and to support their development. Our aim is to have a full performance management  by 2021, having a coverage on all the 4 phases of the process: goal setting,  performance appraisal, definition of an individual development plan and a feedback dialogue between managers and employees.

          *The figures refer only to the Group companies included in the Group Performance Management perimeter, equal to 57,436 employees (80% of the total),