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          Training programmes

          GATE is an international training program that was launched in 2014 with the aim of ensuring the consolidation, updating and innovation of the technical expertise and business knowledge that represent the foundations of the current performances and future potential of the Generali Group.

          Group Academy focused the 2017 edition of the programme on the following distinctive aspects:

          • increasing the breadth and depth of the vision of the external context to support change, innovation and ongoing improvement;
          • guarantee the quality and the spread of technical expertise to protect the present business and develop new opportunities for the future
          • facilitate organisational and operational alignment to ensure that all personnel work towards common goals

          In 2017 the GATE programme comprised of 36 different training initiatives centred on issues of strategic interest to the Generali Group such as, for example, insurance scenarios, unit linked policies, health & protection policies, pricing in the P&C branch, fraud, customer centricity, digital marketing, etc.

          Around 700 people are expected to attend the classroom courses (September 2017 - June 2018) and over 3000 people the online courses, hailing from around 40 countries.

          As well as the lecturers of the MIB - School of Management of Trieste, its main external partner, the programme will continue to rely on the contribution of the Generali Group Faculty (around 60 lecturers and speakers inside the Group).