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          We innovate for our customers

          Our strategy has always been aimed at the creation of long-term value. In our new strategy Generali 2021 one of our three pillars is Innovation and Digital Transformation. We want to become life-partner of our clients. To achieve this goal is important to have strong foundation. During 2018 we have concluded partnerships with major companies in different fields of business.

          Generali Welion is the new health & welfare company within Generali Country Italy, starting from November 2017. In order to recover the gap versus our competitors and develop a wide range of innovative health &welfare services, Generali Welion launched a strategic stream in order to identify and collaborate with innovative national and international startups, developing solutions ready to be proposed to the market, linked to the prevention, accessibility, treatment, exploiting emerging technologies and exploring new business models. The main innovation activities developed in 2018 are:

          • Accelerator program H-Farm: in collaboration with H-Farm, Generali Welion selected from a portfolio of 100+ start-ups, 4 international start-ups operating in health education and prevention. The start-ups have been accelerated in the H-Farm campus from December 2017 to March 2018 with the full support and the mentorship of H-Farm managers, external consultants and Generali managers.
          • Innovation Park Mogliano Veneto: the final event of the acceleration program was held in the Innovation Park in Mogliano Veneto with the 4 selected start-ups, Generali Italia directors and the media. In the afternoon the start-ups presented the projects and the results accrued during the acceleration program to the employees.
          • European Calls «Horizon 2020»: Generali Welion applied to 3 european calls on digital health and telemedicine in order to get the investments to set-up and launch innovative health project, in collaboration with 4 international companies (start-ups and private hospitals)
          • Accelerator program Zambon (ZCube): in collaboration with the Zambon Group accelerator program, sponsorship of best performer start-up award
          • Dinner Conversation – Health & Welfare: in Rome in November 2018 was organized a special event with experts, institutions and professionals to talk about the importance of the role of Welfare the Italian economic and social system due to the public health (sustainability, innovation, longevity).

          In September 2018 Generali Jeniot spa was created. It will be dedicated to the development of innovative services related to Internet of Things business and Connected Insurance. The main areas of expertise are urban mobility, smart home, health and connected enterprise. Generali Innovation Center for Automobile Repairs will be merged within Generali Jeniot and will chair the frontier of technological innovation and service through research, development initiatives and prototyping, collaborating with companies and start-ups, research institutes and universities. An example of Jeniot’s activity is the testing and ranking, in collaboration with Editoriale Domus, of the performance of ADAS (Advanced Driving Assistance Systems) installed on new cars, testing 100 car models a year, covering almost all the new models entering the market. The scope of this project is to have a ranking of different cars that can be very helpful to define a new policy dedicated to vehicles that have these equipment that promise to reduce claims.

          Through simple and smart solutions, developed thanks to digital media and tailored to the needs of the customer, we want to change the very nature of life insurance, involving customers in prevention drives and encouraging them to improve their state of health and wellbeing.

          Generali Country Italia and the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Group have signed, in November 2018, a letter of intent, the first step in a business and technological partnership which will develop innovative products and services for the automotive and connected vehicles sectors, and offer them to the insurance market. The partnership will use state-of-the-art technological and telematics systems to guarantee customers a personalized experience of genuine excellence, by combining insurance solutions and innovative services, such as Real Time Coaching; a "black box" which issues real time alerts of different behaviours at the wheel to prevent potential dangers, or driving dynamics monitoring with the aid of specific algorithms to enable customers to share information on their driving style.

          Generali France has launched a new Chatbot, Leo that has managed, since November 2018, 150 conversations per day on average. Leo is able to answer easy questions about motor, property and health product giving the client information about offers and contact details.