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We value diversity

Through our diversity, we are richer and more receptive to the communities that we support and enhance.

We consider a dynamic, diverse workforce as a key element for our future success.

Since foundation in the 1830s, when our home city of Trieste was a major trading port and international hub, Generali has had its wings open to explore the world. In fact, our first subsidiary was established in Vienna way back in 1881.

Equal opportunities employer

As an equal opportunities employer, we do not discriminate against any employee or applicant because of race, colour, religion, national origin, sex, physical or mental disability, or age. This commitment is embedded in our values and enshrined in our Code of Conduct.

Gender diversity

MEN 50.4%

WOMEN 49.6%

Building the next generation of women leaders

We are passionate and committed to have more women in senior roles in Generali.

We understand that the insurance business, and the wider financial sector, has much work to do to increase the number of women in leadership positions. We want to ensure that all women in Generali can fulfil their career potential.

We are proactively promoting gender diversity across Generali: find out more about how we are supporting our next generation of women leaders.

Generali across generations

We are committed to develop our people regardless of what stage in life they find themselves.

In Generali we believe that we are richer for the varied perceptions that time can offer and that this diversity enables us to deliver for our customers regardless of what stage of life they find themselves in.

We have put this belief into action while forming our new strategy.

In 2014, we brought together 50 promising young talents selected globally to work directly with our Group CEO and our senior leaders to help formulate and define our new strategy. This initiative – dubbed “Leave your Mark” - is a clear signal about the way Generali wants to shape its future and the opportunities at hand for people at all levels to contribute to our success.

This group of proactive and dynamic people is now playing an integral part in building the future of our company and will join a development programme to further unleash their potential.