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Entela knew perfecting her technical knowledge was essential ...

Entela works in risk management at our Group Head Office in Trieste, Italy. She seized the chance to enhance her knowledge on a range of aspects that are essential to her work, including novel procedures for risk calculation, for example in non-life insurance, claims reserving and selection of financial portfolios.


Hometown: Tirana, Albania
Resides: Trieste, Italy
Hobby: Tennis, tango, travelling
Favourite song: “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” by Israel Kamakawiwo'Ole while recently I’m listening a lot “I’m alive” - Elhaida Dani
Looking forward to: new international experiences
Years at Generali: 6 (1 in Genertel, 5 in Assicurazioni Generali)

Why attend the training

Because the objective of the courses I took were directly related to my everyday work! I thought they would help me in learning about aspects that I didn’t know in sufficient depth. Over and above this, though, I really think that sharing knowledge, experience and thoughts is one of the best ways of creating value.

Benefits of training

I learnt things that I didn’t know before, as I expected, of course. But what I think is very important too is that I met people from different departments and from different countries: it wasn’t just for people in the risk management department or only from Italy.

Benefit of doing courses with colleagues

Having the opportunity to attend these courses with other Generali colleagues was valuable because it was possible to share experiences and enrich the international network in the company.

Importance of technical capabilities for Generali’s present and future success

They are very significant and should be further developed through courses and workshops – on a continuing basis. Of course, for full success technical capabilities are important but not the end of the story – there are all kinds of other “people skills” that you need to bear in mind.