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“Energy and spirit of collaboration are essential to adapt to new markets”

Kevin has lived in many different countries around the world and enjoys working in an international environment. As the Head of Strategic & Business Development in Hong Kong, he has first-hand experience of the kind of people it takes to adapt to new market opportunities.


Position: Head of Strategic & Business Development – Generali Asia Regional Office
Hometown: I have no hometown. I grew up in Mexico, South Korea, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Resides: Hong Kong.
Hobby: I play football, kickbox and love travelling.
Best song ever: “Smooth” by Santana.
Looking forward to: Visiting the Xinjiang region, North Western part of China. This area is fascinating from an ethnic and cultural point of view, and I really enjoy their spicy cuisine.
Years at Generali: 9.

Generali as an employer

I have visited many Generali offices around the world and one of the things they have in common is the passion the people have. It is the energy and the spirit of collaboration that makes Generali a unique and vibrant place to work at. Also, working in an international environment gives us opportunities to meet and interact with different cultures.

Challenges in Asia

Asia has become very trendy. Everyone wants to grow and invest here at the same time. Not only are we competing for customers, but also to recruit and retain the best employees.

Business approach in Asia

 The Asian market is quite new and for this reason the products need to be simpler while maintaining a high value for the customer. In addition, it’s crucial to stand out from the crowd. In Europe, Generali competes on a product quality level. While this is also important in Asia, it is critical to be visible. We need to be a combination of a global brand with appreciation for local ways. In China and India we align our organisational values to local values. In India for example,  we make connections to local nuances such as yoga and meditation. 

Favourite parts of the job

What I enjoy the most is to be a link between the East and the West, and to be able to work in an international environment.