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We live in a world of constant and rapid change, where an insurance group like Generali plays a fundamental and invaluable role both because of its ability to generate value and drive development, and its capacity to anticipate and overcome the challenges of today's world.

The main trends identified and addressed by our strategy in order to ensure healthy and sustainable growth for our group are:

  • Interest rates on government securities at record low levels, requiring the reformulation of the traditional life insurance value proposition for the end user, with a greater focus on variable-return products and value-added insurance.
  • Major shifts in consumer behaviour, who are increasingly "mobile" and aware of their changing needs over time. Consumers are ready to use all available channels in an increasingly integrated and interchangeable manner, as they seek insurance solutions that are more personalised and more flexible, with optimal connectivity and high quality services.
  • A rapidly evolving distribution channel, designed to serve a new "hybrid" type of client – a client that is no longer "limited" to using only one sales and communications channel, and is used to moving quickly and easily from one channel to another to carry out research and get quotes, information and additional services. This consumer is looking for quality and demands excellent relationship management from each channel, along with the ability to provide post-sales advisory services that go beyond incident management alone.
  • Technology that is changing expectations and setting "new rules" for the client experience, such as interactivity, flexibility, immediacy and transparency in the management of communications and transactions. These new technological paradigms are opening the insurance market to new players, who are able to continuously analyse data and trends, offering a better client experience.
  • A more attentive regulator, focused on elements such as consumer transparency and the ability of insurance companies to deal with high-risk scenarios and crises, without affecting the consumer.