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Key strategic pillars

Generali's six strategic pillars

The new Generali's strategy is grounded on the following six goals:

  • A better experience and greater value for our clients, meeting consumers' new needs and expectations on increased transparency, flexibility, personalisation and innovation, both in products and services and how we manage our relationships.
  • Enhanced efficiency for our distributors, who have always been one of our strengths. We will achieve this goal by introducing new tools and services for our distribution channels, as well as new client relationship management models and the full implementation of a multi-channel model.
  • A simpler, smarter offering across all business lines (P&C, life insurance, accident and health) by developing flexible, connected, customisable products and services that are simple and easy for clients to understand and use. This new approach also aims to extend the concept of protection from just incident management to providing help to become healthier: from wellness and prevention to incident management and treatment for optimal long-term health, through to rehabilitation.
  • A more agile and more effective approach with a more flexible business model in everything we do, both in our relationships with clients and internally in our core operations. We will achieve this by continually applying the group's mantra of "discipline, simplicity and focus", which has already generated excellent results through our previous strategy.
  • Open to innovation in technology, processes, products and services etc. ... We will achieve this by creating a group centre of excellence devoted to advanced analytics, to bring together and further develop the significant expertise gained by the group in this area in recent years, and by building strategic partnerships with key players in the various sectors.
  • Importance of our people, through the constant and systematic development of our talent, because we know that people are the true drivers of change in a large multinational enterprise like ours.