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 An increasing focus on creating value for our shareholders and on our leadership of the retail insurance industry in Europe. 

Our group is one of the biggest names in the retail insurance sector in Europe, which is currently the largest market in the world by premium income and in 2014 accounted for around 35% of the global total.

In terms of total premium income, the Generali Group is first in Italy, second in Germany, fourth in France among traditional companies, and third in Central and Eastern Europe. We have more than 50 million clients worldwide and one of the strongest distribution networks.

Having restructured and improved our business from a financial, operational and governance perspective – a year ahead of scheduled in our strategic plan – we are ready to respond to the new challenges and opportunities presented by a continually evolving market. With this in mind, the group's business model and new strategy will move in two main directions:

  • Generating more value for our shareholders.
  • Strengthening our leadership in the European retail insurance market.

We will set out to achieve these objectives by applying the mantra "discipline, simplicity and focus" to our core business: putting clients right at the heart of our business with simpler, smarter solutions, making our distribution network more effective with a wider range of services, and becoming an even more agile, flexible and innovation-friendly company.

As an insurance group, we are aware of the significant social implications that our business has on the welfare of the community. Protecting our clients from the risks they face in everyday life and ensuring security and peace of mind is not only the source of our value creation, but also helps build a better society.

Finally, we will base our investment decisions on our commitment to environmental and social sustainability, as well as the principles of corporate governance.