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The Relaxing Break

“That is it! I’m outta here! The holidays have finally arrived! Phone off, computer shut and problems left alone - I’m going to a tropical island and the only problem I want to have to deal with is deciding which beach to sprawl myself on when I get up in the morning!” -Sound familiar? Some might say it’s the quintessential type of holiday, holiday in its purest form. Wellbeing and silly little pleasures, idleness, beautiful surroundings and worries all put to bed. Just the worries put to bed would be a start... But if getting to our tropical islands, our crystalline waters, is as easy as it is, so should it be to find our inner zen. It starts with a simple choice. And we can start by protecting ourselves from the usual hazards. A simple travel insurance policy for your luggage, for example. You may need nothing but a swimming costume, but if you don’t even have that... Then it just takes the smallest oversight to prolong your departure - why risk it? And once you get there, look after yourself. The last thing you want is a sprained ankle or a dose of heatstroke. This, is a no problem zone, let’s keep it that way.