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Flying over fire

The new initiative launched by Generali Spain to fight against forest fires

GENERALI Spain wants to insure the world’s largest home; our nature. This concern drove the company to get involved in the fight against forest fires, a catastrophe that devastates our environment each year and leaves behind a devastated landscape.


The GENERALI Birdhouse Alarm initiative consists of setting up smoke devices on trees that look like wood birdhouses and have a non-intrusive appearance. They are powered by solar energy and contain a sensor and a phone card. When the system detects a possible fire within 20 metres, it sends a text (geolocated message sent by 3G) to the fire brigade which can respond within a maximum of 30 minutes in a much more precise way. They also blend in with the natural environment of the forests and provide birds with a place to build their nests.


The project consists of fire detection prototypes developed by engineers from León (Spain) and their installation began on 15 March in Nocedo Wood (Asturias-Spain). This area is particularly exposed to the problem as Asturias is one of Spain’s Regions hardest hit by wildfires. The initiative is supported by Llanes Town Council, the Civil Guard’s Forest Fire Prevention Unit, the Nature Protection Service and the forestry service.


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