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Donations and sponsorship

We mainly aim to improve the lives of the communities in which we operate through:

We have donated over 26 million euro to support a huge range of projects of all kinds and sizes.

When selecting and developing our initiatives, we prioritise the impact they will have on the area concerned and their lasting effects over time. We have adopted two parallel approaches: philanthropic and commercial.

  • philanthropic initiatives: donations of money or goods, accompanied by corporate volunteering, supporting non-profit organizations and/or institutions to provide a social service to the community.
  • commercial initiatives: sponsorship that supports the group’s brand and image, promoting artistic and sporting activities and providing the community with opportunities for entertainment, culture and fun.


 Purpose 2013 2014 2015
Philanthropic initiatives 40% 46% 54%
Commercial initiatives 60% 54% 46%
Total 100% 100% 100%

The amount of the philanthropic initiatives has remained stable, confirming the group’s attention to the needs of local communities. Commercial initiatives on the other hand, which by nature are dictated by business strategies and requirements, have decreased.