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Generali Zukunftsfonds

In Germany, the Generali Zukunftsfonds (Generali Future Fund), established in 2008 to address the issue of demographic change, supports projects and initiatives to deal with the consequences of an ageing population, making use of the knowledge, skills and time that older people can offer.

The fund seeks to act as an agent of change, promoting civic engagement and acting as an intermediary between businesses, institutions and social organisations. It focuses in particular on exchanging information and creating networks, with the goal of investing in social innovations that can act as models for the wider economy. More specifically, in recent years the Zukunftsfonds sponsorship strategy has sought to set up the infrastructure to professionalise, stabilise and increase the capacity of high-potential voluntary work.

To increase its collective impact, sponsorship is usually granted together with support from other companies, foundations or public institutions.

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One of the organisations that Zukunftsfonds has invested in is Generationenbrücke Deutschland (Bridge between Generations Germany), based in Aachen, which promotes activities that involve younger generations in caring for the elderly.


The organisation arranges visits to retirement homes for children, who are suitably prepared in advance for the experience; the meeting of two such distant generations provides an opportunity to grow, gain awareness and take responsibility.


Both the services and the public image of the retirement homes involved in the scheme are improved through the activities, as the activities have now become a routine part of the lives of the children and the elderly people who take part in the initiative.


All Generationenbrücke Deutschland’s activities are remarkable for their high standards of quality and efficiency, involving the use of business management techniques.