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Generali volunteering challenging ideas

In late 2013 we launched a design competition for all group employees, inviting them to submit a proposal for a volunteer project, with the aim of making a real contribution to improving the quality of life in the local community.
More than 200 applications were received from 24 different countries, bringing a real range of cultural approaches and experiences to the initiative.

The jury, comprising four Generali employees and a representative from the voluntary sector, proposed a final selection of five projects, which were presented in Trieste on 16 July 2014.

The winner was Generali School, a proposal submitted by a Generali España employee designed to give access to educational support services and healthy meals to students from families at risk of social exclusion due to the recession.

The jury identified all the requisites established for the competition in the winning project, including:

  • the potential to improve the lives of a large number of people
  • having a real impact on local communities with quantifiable benefits
  • involving a wide range of colleagues and being easy to reproduce in other countries.

The winning idea can be broken down into two parts:

  1. Generali private lessons: to help students with their homework and provide educational support activities, taking advantage of the skills and knowledge of group employees.
  2. Generali meal benefits: to guarantee access to school meals for those who are not able to afford them.


As established by the competition rules, the various details of the projects that will be launched in the coming school year are being finalised with the winner.