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Dialogue with Institutions and Organisations

We operate in a sensitive, strategic sector that has important implications for national economies. The sector has a large number of institutional bodies and organisations, industry and consumer associations, non-governmental organisations, research centres - all counterparties of ours with which we pursue a process of continuous collaboration, helping to identify and manage the sensitive issues related to our industry.

  • We join voluntary initiatives supported, among others, by the United Nations, which encourage the adoption of sustainable principles that we are committed to sharing and implementing as part of our business activities.
  • We are regularly involved in advocacy activities, through which we promote and support the requests of our Group and sector in a transparent manner and with respect for the general interest and the common good.
  • We hold regular talks with legislators and the European institutions maintaining a constructive working relationship, sharing and updating the information necessary for the proper interpretation and application of new regulations.
  • We also offer our expertise and contribute to public consultations to define new legal measures and industry regulations by providing concrete indications based on our own experience. At a local level, we actively participate in research and debate on specific national issues, such as the natural disasters one in Italy.
  • We contribute to the national and European debate and we closely follow the evolution of the regulatory framework.