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Impact of climate change on claims in Germany

Since 2007, Generali Deutschland has been involved in a climate change project, strongly supported by the German insurance association, Gesamtverband der Deutschen Versicherungswirtschaft (GDV). The study, entitled ‘The Impact of Climate Change on Claims in the German Insurance Sector’, is led by the German institute for research into the impact of climate change (PIK) and analyses the possible claims that could arise from storms and floods in the next ten years and up until the second half of this century. Preliminary assessments suggest that the dangers linked to natural phenomena will remain under control if effective climate protection measures are taken. Accordingly, the German government has been invited to participate as much as possible, so that new targets can be set for climate protection.

The project also aims to prevent and contain damage by providing the public information, to raise awareness of the risks connected to natural phenomena and the consequences of climate change.