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We see the economy as a system of relationships based on trust and transparency – an integrated and dynamic network of interlinked communities built over time to create and exchange value. That being so, we put a huge emphasis on finding and selecting long-term partners to distribute our products and services and to represent us to the public. We also aim to build strong relationships with a network of qualified suppliers.


Working alongside our sales networks and suppliers has an additional positive impact on the communities where we work, as it leads to job creation and boosts our partners’ business volumes.

In particular, our sales networks play a crucial role, since the satisfaction of our existing clients and our ability to attract new ones depends on them. However, we demand very high standards. As our Code of Conduct makes clear, we require them to work in a fair and transparent way, avoiding doing anything that could be construed as corruption or represent a conflict of interest.

We are committed to developing products and services to prevent and manage the risks that our clients could face, but also to distributing them through reliable people, ensuring that our clients can access them as they prefer and contributing to the overall transparency and efficiency of the market.

Generali has long been a multi-channel group and has gradually expanded its range of distribution methods, from the traditional to the most innovative.


Traditional channels are based on personal contact with clients, involving a range of professionals with whom we have established long-term relationships to support the sustainable growth of the business, by investing in developing their skills and in innovative management tools.

15,000 agents*
directly represent the group and are dedicated first and foremost to meeting the needs of retail customers and small and medium-sized businesses.

29,000 brokers*
form the main independent channel and represent private and corporate clients directly, with a particular focus on the P&C segment.

39,000 financial advisers*
are mostly independent consultants, together forming a specialised channel that provides a comprehensive offering primarily focused on life insurance and supplementary pensions.

Our collaboration with banks through partnership agreements with several institutions allows us to offer comprehensive and integrated insurance advice.

[* Figures refer to: Austria, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland]


Direct channels are characterised by the absence of intermediaries, allowing us to deal with our clients quickly and dynamically through digital services delivered via call centres and the internet. Our direct distribution channels are particularly strong in Germany and Italy.