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Generali Group signed the Paris Pledge for Action

Generali signed the Paris Pledge for Action, also called L’Appel de Paris, a call to action in support of the Paris Agreement which brings together a multitude of voices on an unprecedented scale within a single collective statement. As a signatory of the pledge, like other major signatories from the insurance sector, Generali is showing its support for the Global Climate Agreement struck in Paris. Generali adds its voice to a credible and coherent signal that welcome the adoption of a new, universal climate agreement at COP21 in Paris to limit the global warming temperature rise to less than 2°C. As an insurer, Generali wants to play an active role in supporting the transition to a more sustainable economy and society. Generali will continue to monitor and reduce direct impacts and advocating for a ‘below 2 degree economy’ through its products, services and investment, as stated in the Group Policy for the Environment and Climate. For more information please click here