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    Save the bees
    Sustainability Save the bees A campaign for the safeguarding of biodiversity
    Get some fresh air
    Sustainability Get some fresh air How the climate change is affecting crop production
    Energy disruption
    Sustainability Energy disruption Risks and opportunities of a greener future
    Sustainability Evergreen Five steps for the protection of the parks
    Global warning
    Sustainability Global warning 2016 was the hottest year since 1880 with a possible domino effect in the future
    The dream of a traveller
    Sustainability The dream of a traveller The increasing popularity of eco-friendly trips
    Green economy
    Sustainability Green economy Profiting from wellbeing
    Greater Copenhagen
    Sustainability Greater Copenhagen Infrastructure and the Green Economy for Distributed Quality
    Connecting the dots
    Sustainability Connecting the dots The ‘Generali Way’ for Social Innovation
    It Is Weather Manager Time - Tremiti Islands (Foggia), a rainbow enlightens St. Nicola island after a storm which caused considerable problems to ferries on duty between the island and the mainland - Alessandro Gandolfi/Parallelozero
    Sustainability It Is Weather Manager Time How the weather forecaster job is changing: from atmospheric scientist to top manager and climate strategist
    European Mobility Week
    Sustainability European Mobility Week
    When the fireflies fade away
    Sustainability When the fireflies fade away Pollution and waste: how the urban areas redefine the animal kingdom
    Beauty has no age
    Sustainability Beauty has no age Making art alive again thanks to restoration
    The Joy of Dwelling
    Sustainability The Joy of Dwelling Almere Oosterwold: Making Room in the City for Individual Aspirations
    World Environment Day
    Sustainability World Environment Day Actions to protect the environment
    Floating houses in the lagoon
    Sustainability Floating houses in the lagoon Climate change, urbanization and floodings: the aquatic city of Makoko, Nigeria