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Appointments and Corporate Governance Committee
The Appointments and Corporate Governance Committee, specified in and governed by the “Regulation of the Company’s Board of Directors and its Sub-committees”, performs a consultative, recommendatory and preparatory role in favour of the Board. Its duties are:
  • to formulate opinions and proposals on the decisions to be taken regarding the corporate governance of the Company and the Group which fall within the sphere of the Board’s sole responsibilities;
  • to provide opinions to the Board regarding its size and composition and to make recommendations regarding the professional figures whose presence on the Board is deemed advisable;
  • to express its view to the Board on the maximum number of directorships or positions as statutory auditor held in other Italian or foreign companies listed on regulated markets, in finance, banking or insurance companies or companies of significant size, which can be deemed compatible with the effective performance of the office of Director of the Company, taking account of Directors’ participation in the Board’s Sub-committees;
  • to formulate opinions for the Board of Directors on individual matters of particular significance which, in the ambit of the general authorisations issued in advance by the General Meeting regarding exemptions to the prohibition on competition governed by the applicable legislation, are particularly critical;
  • to propose to the Board candidates for the position of Director in cases of co-opting, when Independent Directors need to be replaced;
  • to prepare for the drafting of the succession plan for Executive Directors, if adopted by the Board.
Six members of the Board of Directors were co-opted to the Committee. The presence of the Independent Directors makes a decisive contribution to its composition.
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